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While technologies that enable distance and self-paced learning are terrifically convenient, we understand it can never substitute for face time with a seasoned professional.

Pentair Training ClassroomOur factory pump schools are second to none. We offer two on-site courses: Water Systems and Ag & Industrial. Each lasts a full 3 days and your hotel and most meals are paid for by Pentair.
At the low cost of just $495 per student, how can you afford not to come?

Upcoming Classes at our Delavan, WI Training Center

Water Systems February 6 - February 8, 2018 WS020618
Ag & Industrial October 30 - November 1, 2018 AD103018

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Upcoming Classes at our Grand Island, NE Training Center

Ag & Industrial March 6 - March 8, 2018 AD030618
Water Systems November 6 - November 8, 2018 WS110618

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The Water Systems class covers how a home water system works, starting with basic hydraulics. A discussion of jet pumps is followed by a hands-on lab where students take apart and rebuild a basic pump such as a jet or sprinkler pump. We also cover submersible pumps, tanks and sizing guidelines. Students head toward course completion by studying above ground and submersible motors, as well as variable frequency drives. Class ends with a detailed tour of the Delavan, Wisconsin manufacturing facility and a graduation ceremony.

The Ag & Industrial class covers water systems in agricultural and industrial settings. Class starts with advanced hydraulics topics - including Bernoulli and Affinity Laws, and continues on to how to read a pump curve and figure out Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH). Pump assembly and power matching labs are followed by system head demand and how engineers build pump curves. We also cover our pump selection software and go deeper into variable frequency drive operations. Troubleshooting and sizing a flywheel coupling are our final topics. A factory tour, lunch, and graduation wrap up Friday by noon so students can catch their flights out.


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